We’re a consultancy that future-proofs your water resources in a world of increasing extremes.

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Who we are
We guide corporations, governments and civil society to become more water resilient and mitigate risk in an era of climate change and increasing water demands.
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Why we’re different
Our solutions are custom-built on AI, state-of-the-art modeling and cutting-edge research from Arizona State University, the most innovative university in the world.
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When you work with us
When you work with us, you come away with a blueprint for future-proofing your water resources in a world of increasing extremes.
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We use deep learning to help governments manage and optimize tradeoffs between energy and food futures for the world’s biggest river basins. Learn more

We help corporate alliances, municipal leaders and donors align companies and water authorities to produce bigger, future-oriented water security projects. Learn more

Coordinating Basin-Wide Natural & Built Infrastructure

We help water-dependent corporations increase the resilience of their water supplies and reduce their risk from flooding through infrastructure investment and coordination plans. Learn more

Creating Storage for Floodwater & Drought

Through strategic siting of aquifer recharge projects, we transform some of the world’s largest depleted aquifers into the storage we need in the age of climate change. Learn more


Moving Beyond ‘Scarcity’ to a New Narrative

Future H2O’s mission is to guide decision makers to optimize the tradeoffs they face for water—drawing on cutting-edge science, best available data, and high-fidelity, breakthrough algorithms and analysis.

Future H2O Founding Director John Sabo is a professor of river ecology and water resources in the School of Life Sciences at the Arizona State University Knowledge Enterprise.